Up comming Christian Heritage Conference

Come join us for a magnificent time at the 2009 CH Conference! 

Come listen to inspiring speakers such as:

Scott & Deborah Brown & Family Scott Brown Family-see larger photo – Pastor & Mentor, Director of National Center for Family-Integrated Churches, and Homeschool Veterans, Raleigh, NC

Mike Riddle Mike Riddle-see larger photo—Creation Science, Answers in Genesis lecturer, Kentucky

Wade Myers Wade Myers-see larger photo – Homeschool Father, Successful Christian Entrepreneur, and Founder/Director: New Venture Lab, Tennessee 

And much more!

Also  Neil Craig will be instructing & directing the annual Christian Heritage Chorale. This is a unique opportunity for homeschoolers of the Northwest to blend their voices to the Glory of God. Each year’s chorale performance has been an inspiration and a stunning success! And many name it one of the highlights of the conference!

Students, ages 13 and older, are welcome but need a basic ability to read music and sing a part. Chorale instruction & practice will take place during two one hour Chorale Workshop sessions each day. The chorale will be performing three selections at the closing session on Saturday afternoon. ~ For more info click here~

family night

Concert by accomplished Homeschooled Musicians

                                                           Powerful Keynote Message by Voddie Baucham

“Family Night” is designed …

  • To include children who will not be attending the full conference with their parents
  • To give a taste of the conference to families who are unable to attend the full conference
  • To introduce friends, relatives, pastors, legislators, and more to the wonderful & fruitful adventure of home education 
  • CLICK HERE for Family Night ONLY Registration Information!

On Behalf of Christian Heritage I hope to see y'all there!!


ReillyClan11 said...

Matt, how did you get the buttons? I could not get them when I tryed. Please Help.

Matt B said...

Hay Samantha,
the way I got the buttons on my blog, and got them to work was, first I went to the CH web page, and then I clicked and dragged it on to the new post. Next I highlighted the image of the button and clicked on the link button (next to the text color button) and entered the http//: and than click ok, thus creating a link to the desired web page.

SamuelY said...

Wow, that's pretty impressive, Matt. I didn't know you were that techey...

ReillyClan11 said...

Thanks Matt. I will have to try that.

ReillyClan11 said...

Also do you want to be part of the recipe blog? I was wondering because you voted on the back-ground idea.

Matt B said...

Thanks for the offer Samantha, but no thanks I was just voting on the back-ground idea.