The Sufficiency Of Scripture Conference 2009

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this:(
Back in December dad, Graydon Langford, and I flew out to Covington Kentucky (just below Cincinnati OH).
Our flight left at 11:45 pm on the 8th and arrived in Kentucky around 10:30 am the next morning. I did not sleep a wink partly because of turbulence and partly because I was so excited.
So I stayed awake for 42 hours, almost two days, before I got to sleep!!
The day that we arrived we went to the Creation Museum there in Kentucky, it was amazing, huge, and there was so much to see.

We stopped here for lunch after we toured the museum and had some Cincinnati Chili.

They had this cage in one of the rooms with live birds in them
Moses and Aaron
Martian Luther nailing up his 95 theses

The Garden of Eden with the new additions of my Dad and Graydon.
Adam naming the animals
Dinosaurs in the garden
Some of the dinosaurs were animated which added to the whole effect!

Cane and Able

The construction of Noah's ark was my favorite room

Model of Noah's Ark
A scale model of animals loading onto the ark
Can you see the little people on the rock in this scale model of the flood?

Noah giving thanks to God
"Don't Eat Me!!!!"
A real fossilized T-Rex egg
And more dinosaurs

The convention center that held the conference
A weird looking building next door
Our very dear friends the Price family
The inside of our hotel

Some of the people behind the scenes
The people involved in the making of Mysterious Islands film
One of the bridges going into Ohio
Going home
Grand Coulee Dam

The conference was very eye opening and inspirational. Even though I was working most of the time I was still able to listen to a few of the speakers and spend some time with dear friends. All the speakers were so gifted in expounding the Word of God and driving home the point that the Bible MUST be the measuring line for every area of life. Our culture shouldn't dictate how we conduct our worship in church, how we share the Gospel, how we raise our families, or even how we organize our church. The Bible must be our guide. Truly we neglect the sufficiency of Scripture in so many ways. It was a super conference! A special thank you to my dear friend Jonathan Langford for giving me the opportunity to attend the conference. You're the best Jonny!

The Sufficiency of Scripture Conference

Come join me at The Sufficiency of Scripture Conference
With inspirational speakers such as Scott Brown, Ken Ham, Doug Phillips, Kevin Swanson, Paul Washer, Voddie Baucham, Joe Morecraft, and Andy Davis.

The Battleground

We believe that the doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture is the most important doctrinal battleground in the Church today with the purity of the Church, the supremacy of the gospel, the biblical family, and the

Conference Attendees

survival of Christian civilization hanging in the balance. Known as “Sola Scriptura” during the reformation, this doctrine teaches that Scripture is fully adequate in both content and clarity for “everything pertaining to life (salvation) and godliness (sanctification)” including the ordering of nations, churches, and families (2 Pet. 1:3-4; 2 Tim. 3:16-17). The Church’s desertion of this doctrine in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries resulted in the defilement of nearly every aspect of America, the church, and the home through multiple waves of pragmatic, worldly ideas.

Begin Repairing the Breach - Bring your Family and Church

How do you know the health of a nation? Look to the church. How do you know the health of the church? Look to the families in the church. How do you know the health of the family? Look to the vision of the fathers. Look to the relationships between husbands and wives. Look to the spirit of the children. The supremacy of Christ in the home, epitomized by the application of the sufficiency of Scripture, greatly affects the supremacy of Christ in the Church, and the supremacy of Christ in the Church greatly affects the supremacy of Christ in the nation.

The current condition of America is a direct result of the Church rejecting the Word of God as the source of all truth and being subverted by the philosophies of the world. There can be no denying the fact that

Keynote Speaker Doug Phillips

America is in crisis. The State is taking the place of God, the family, and the church. Churches don’t know what it means to be true churches. Christians don’t know what it means to follow Christ. Church members don’t know the importance of the church. Families don’t know how to be families. Men don’t know what it means to be men. Women don’t know what it means to be women. Children don’t know what it means to honor authority.

This conference will call Christians back to their foundation, affirming that the Scripture alone is sufficient to direct their lives and the life of their families, their churches, and their country in the 21st Century. Whether you are a father, mother, child, common laborer, or an elder in a local church, there will be important messages for everyone with topics including the accuracy of the Scriptures from the very first verse, biblical evangelism, biblical church government, women’s ministry, euthanasia, work, biblical manhood and womanhood, child training, education, music, biblical worship, and much more. Join us with your family, friends and church as we seek to rebuild the crumbling foundations, repair the breaches, and restore the paths to dwell in.

Please join us in restoring the biblical training in the work place, in the government, and most importantly in the home.

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Farm Field Trip

Last month we went with the Reilly family to several
different farms in Sequim to see how they run and do things.
We went to Freedom Farms, a horse training ranch and
Dungeness Valley Creamery, a raw milk dairy (which just
happens to be the same dairy we get our milk from).
We also went to Fairaview Farm a self-sufficient farm and
Bekkevar Family Farm, a farm that has been in the same
family for almost 100 years.
Our last stop was Sunshine Herb & Lavender Farm to try
out a bowl or two of lavender ice cream.
We all had lots of fun and learned a lot as well. One thing
we learned is that we don't like lavender ice cream!


Seattle Mariners Vs. Chicago White Soxs baseball was amazing.
Last night (9-17-09) thanks to Graydon L I went to my first major league baseball game and it was a blast.
We (the Mariners) were behind 1-3 till the bottom of the 9th, when we got two home runs and tied it at 3-3. It wasn't until the bottom of the 14th inning when Ichiro stepped up to bat and hit a high fly ball to center field and won the game.

Blueberry Picking With Langfords

Last month we went blueberry & raspberry picking with the Langfords in Lynden. Why Lynden? Well, because they are cheaper then any other place around down were we live.
Here some photos I took at blueberry & raspberry farm.
We picked about 25lb of raspberry's and 55lb of blueberries, it might seem impressive but is nothing compared to the Langford 120lb of blueberry's they picked:)