Blueberry Picking With Langfords

Last month we went blueberry & raspberry picking with the Langfords in Lynden. Why Lynden? Well, because they are cheaper then any other place around down were we live.
Here some photos I took at blueberry & raspberry farm.
We picked about 25lb of raspberry's and 55lb of blueberries, it might seem impressive but is nothing compared to the Langford 120lb of blueberry's they picked:)


Sarah said...

And you didn't come by to visit us?

Jon's been able to bring home blueberries and raspberries this summer, it's been such a blessing! There's nothing like a flavorful blueberry!

Where did you go picking?


Matt B said...

Sorry we didn't stop by it was getting to late and we had to get home:( The name of the place we picked at was, Bjornstad farms.
Hope to see Y'all soon,