"Wish We Could Be There Party"

Last month we had a "Wish We Could Be There Party" for Philip & Katie Bradrick's wedding.
We got to gather all the different people that wanted to go, but could not afford to go to the wedding.
The wedding ceremony was broadcasted live online. I hooked up the computer to the TV so we could view it.
We all had a wonderful time watching the the wedding and fellowshiping with each other. 
It was wonderful to see another Godly wedding, and another Godly family beginning their life together. 

Mom made several cakes and decorated them to look like wedding cakes.

All our friends that came to the party.
The McKinley family.
Some of the Pollack clan.
The Allen family.
The Langford family.
Part of the Reilly family
And the Bryan family


Graydon L said...

That was great fun wasn't it? I had a blast playing football with only 5 guys :-)

ReillyClan11 said...

Great post. I like the way the bubble pictures turned out.

Could you send me the rest of those bubble picture? Leanne has my email.