Farm Field Trip

Last month we went with the Reilly family to several
different farms in Sequim to see how they run and do things.
We went to Freedom Farms, a horse training ranch and
Dungeness Valley Creamery, a raw milk dairy (which just
happens to be the same dairy we get our milk from).
We also went to Fairaview Farm a self-sufficient farm and
Bekkevar Family Farm, a farm that has been in the same
family for almost 100 years.
Our last stop was Sunshine Herb & Lavender Farm to try
out a bowl or two of lavender ice cream.
We all had lots of fun and learned a lot as well. One thing
we learned is that we don't like lavender ice cream!


Laura said...

Lavender ice cream sounds yucky! Even I have a limit with ice cream ;-P

Sarah said...

Nice pictures! Looks like a lot of fun!