Stephen Hainline & Sarah Criss's Wedding

Two weeks ago we had the blessing of attending and helping out with Stephen and Sarah's wedding.
We ( the Bryan family) were in charge of RSVP's, and orchestrating the reception.
A week or so before the wedding we went and started collecting supplies such as, 45 bottles of ginger ale, 4 cases of pineapple juice, 20 cans of frozen lemonade, 20 cans of frozen orange juice. And that's just for the punch:) Well I'm not going to bore you with the rest of the details.

Here are some photos I got of the wedding.
Our living room completely full of wedding stuff!
Thanks Mrs. Ciolek for loaning us nearly all the stuff we needed, you were a life saver:)
One of the food tables.
Mrs. Phelps did a wonderful job with the flower arrangements.
The guest book table
Mr. and Mrs. Criss and Mr. and Mrs. Hainline lighting of the candles.
Mr. Placzek introducing the groom and groomsmen.
Stephen and his mom.

The groom and his nephew unrolling the "the white carpet"
Here comes the bride
Sarah hugging her mommy
Pastor Roth giving a charge to the parents of the bride and groom
Mr. Hainline giving his son a golden arrow from his quiver Psalm 127:4,5

Anna and Faith Hainline singing to the bride and groom "The Servant Song"
Exchanging of the vows
Stephen placing the ring on Sarah's hand
Sarah placing the ring on Stephen's hand
The lighting of the unity candle
Mr. Hainline praying over the new couple
The first Kiss
Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hainline

The Criss girls Laura, Hannah, Rebecca, and Susanna. Each took turns and talked about different memory's they had of Sarah.
Philip Hainline giving some words of encouragement to the new couple.
Cutting of the cake:D
Mr. giggles dabbing cake on Mrs. giggles nose
"Your turn Mr. giggles"

Stephen's nicely wrapped car:)

Stephen: "Wow, like what you did to the car"
Sarah talking about the purity bouquet
The young lady that caught the bouquet was very happy
Cutting open the car
And finely they drove away.

The wedding went wonderfully. I pray that the new couple will continue to grow up loving each other in the love and adoration of the Lord and raise up Godly sons and daughters to be faithful believers that will serve the Lord their God.


Hanna and Susi said...

Wonderful pictures, Matt! Thank you for sharing them! It's fun hearing your side of the story.:-)

~Hanna and Susi

Laura said...

GREAT post, Matt!! It was nice seeing the reception and departure pictures, as we haven't seen any of them yet :-) Thank you SO MUCH for all your help!!!

Sarah said...

You took some beautiful photos Matt! Thank you for all your help with the wedding!

God bless,
Sarah & Stephen

Linda said...

Nice pictures and post, Matt. Thanks for posting.

Grant Price said...

Hi Matt. hope everything is going well for you! sorry its been awhile since any of us have commented, what have you been up to lately? are you going to the San Antonio film festival this year? hope to hear from you soon!
Grant Price.

Anonymous said...

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