Farm Update

The last month has been very busy between clearing out part of the forest, burning all the brush from the forest, building fences, building a green house, building more raised beds for the garden including one that is over 45ft long. Also we put in three windows and two doors on the barn.
Then, just to make it interesting, we trenched and laid a water line and electrical line all the way from the pump house to the new green house and then to the barn. Also we built three brooders for 19 ducklings, 18 layer chicks, and 100 broiler chicks that we got this last week. I'm sure I forgot one or two of our recent projects but I'm sure you get the point that I've been very busy lately.
Here are some photos from our recent adventures at Providence Family Farms.

Here are some of the broilers chicks
Leanne's ducks
The new layer chicks
I thought I would throw in a couple of photos of some of are other animals

Just some of our raised beds in the garden
Dad working late at night putting one of the doors on the barn
Got the windows and doors on just before the snow hit.
but it just lasted of a couple of hours and then it melted:(
Our new weather vane on the chicken house
The ditch going to the barn

Leanne's duck Pound to be completed another day:)


Jon Criss said...

Sounds good! We're gearing up for gardening and birds too. It's exciting!

Mrs. Bryan said...

Great pictures Matthew - I think you're really catching all the work and sweat that goes into running a farm! Those chickie pictures sure are cute! Not to mention them cute duckers!

From the coop,

The Price Family said...


There have been a few times when my wife and I thought that it was just too much work trying to keep everything in repair, running, and living on the farm. However, when we ponder on the benefits to our children and ourselves (sanctifying) and the fact that we get to enjoy seeing others enjoying the fruits of the land too, we get rejuvenated and put our hands back to the plow (literally). Grant and I just got through plowing our new asparagus patch with a 100 year old horse drawn plow. We both pondered how they could plow one acre much less 20 with that thing! They must have been tough hombres!

Lost Branch Blueberry Farm
Brashear MO

Matt B said...

"For thou shalt eat the labor of thy hands: Happy shalt thou be, and it shall be well with thee." Psalm 128:2
Your are completely right Mr. Price, it is hard not to fall into that mindset of "I can't do this anymore" and wanting to quit, I know it to well. But we can not fall down and give up, we must be steadfast and continue on, knowing that we will be blessed for the fruits of our labor.